• Item Code: SDMN6
  • Brand: Fieldpiece
  • Unit Size: 1


The SDMN6 dual-port manometer measures gas and static pressure and also accurately tests pressure switches by simulating a draft with an internal pump. A pressure switch is a safety device that prevents the furnace from running in an unsafe manner. The SDMN6 tests the pressure switch to determine if it is working properly, or if it is starting to fail which can cause the furnace to run in an unsafe manner. Plus, with the SDMN6 you can easily calibrate any adjustable pressure switch to manufacturers specification, so theres no need to carry a large variety of pressure switches on your truck.


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    • -4 to 140 deg F storage temperature, 0 to 80 percent RH
    • 9 V, NEDA 1604A, IEC 6LR61 9 V alkaline battery power
    • 200 hr battery life (manometer only, backlight off), 12 hr (pressure switch testing at 27 percent pump speed, BL off, approximate - 2-1/2 in WC induced pressure without pump bleed accessory)
    • 15 minutes auto power off
    • Low battery indication
    • 0.01 in WC resolution
    • 17.4 psi maximum pressure
    • Compatible with dry, non-corrosive gases
    • Pressure ports, 2 connectors (P1, P2) for flexible tubing (4-1/2 mm to 8 mm ID)
    • Pump port, 1 connector (pump) for 5 mm (3/16 in) ID flexible tubing
    • Lead jacks - 2 banana plug jacks for testing open/close switch status
    • Correct pressure switch operation is integral to the safety of a furnace environment
    • SDMN6 is a dual port manometer that also accurately tests pressure switches by simulating a draft with an internal pump
    • Adjust the pump's speed to create a negative pressure (vacuum)
    • Red LED indicates when the switch closes, view the closing/opening pressures directly on the LCD
    • Dual port manometer measures +/- 60 in of water column, high enough for gas pressures
    • Check building pressurization with static pressure resolution of 0.01 in WC, view P1-P2 in the bottom line of the display for checking pressure differentials
    • Use the static pressure probes to check for a pressure drop across two points in a duct, is useful for evaluating a blower or finding airflow restrictions in the ductwork
    • +/- 1.5 percent FS at 32 to 122 deg F accuracy

Tech Specs

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Accuracy +/- 1.5% FS
Brand Fieldpiece
Rated Total Pressure 17.4 psi
Working Temperature 32 to 118 deg F

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