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  • Item Code: SCM4
  • Brand: Fieldpiece
  • Unit Size: 1


The SCM4 carbon monoxide (co) detector has a very fast reaction time and measures co in parts per million (ppm). Its electrochemical sensor is fast enough for walk-around tests. Features and benefits include: field-replaceable co sensor, advanced three-pin sensor measures 0 to 1000 ppm co, calibrate/zero SCM4 to ambient quickly with the zero button, audio and visual alarms with mute, bright blue, backlit dual-display with max and real-time measurements displayed, magnetic hanger for hands-free operation, auto power-off (APO).


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    • Field replaceable co sensor
    • Audio/visual alarms with mute, magnetic hanger for hands-free
    • Fast electrochemical sensor helps to find co sources like cracked heat exchangers or breached flue stacks
    • Calibrate to ambient quickly with zero button
    • Alarm rate increases as carbon monoxide concentration increases
    • Bright blue backlit dual-display to test in dark crawl spaces
    • Auto power-off (APO) to save battery life
    • Battery check with percent of battery life left displayed
    • Maximum hold to help zero in on the sources

Tech Specs

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Alarm Type Audible/Visual
Battery Type Alkaline
Brand Fieldpiece
Detection Range 0 to 1000 ppm (Continual Use)/0 to 2000 ppm (5 min Max Exposure)
Display Type Bright Blue Backlit Dual
Operating Temperature 32 to 105 deg F

Documents & Guides

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Specification Sheet
Owners/User Manual

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