• Item Code: P9021018
  • Brand: Totaline
  • Unit Size: 1


Convenient, aerosol can for a no-mix, no-mess, easy way to clean evaporator coils. Aerosol action provides penetrating foam to reach deep into the coil for thorough cleaning.


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    • Dirty coils reduce efficiency, increase electricity usage, cause equipment wear and contribute to poor indoor air quality
    • The interior serpentine cleaner will remove grease, lint, mold, mites, bacteria and other smelly contaminants in one step
    • Disconnect the power before working on the equipment
    • First remove with brush or suck heavy dirt
    • Shake well, spray the evaporator coil thoroughly
    • Wait 5 min to allow the cleaner to work
    • Rinsing is not necessary if the system is in a cooling cycle with active condensation, if condensation is not expected, rinse with water using a bottle or tank sprayer
    • Indoor coil cleaner, no-rinse aerosol is safe for cleaning evaporator coils in place
    • This convenient aerosol eliminates the hassle of dilution rates, tank sprayers and extra equipment
    • Simply spray and clean
    • It removes grease and contamination from evaporator coils and is especially effective on tobacco tars and stains
    • The self-rinsing formulation provides powerful cleaning action without the need for heavy rinsing, the contamination simply flows through the drain with normal condensate flow

Tech Specs

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Brand Totaline
Color Green
Composition <10% Sodium Meta Silicate, <8% Dipropylene Glycol Methylester and Propane/n-Butane Propellant
Container Size 18 oz
Container Type Aerosol Can
Form Liquid
Odor/Scent Slight
Specific Gravity 1.02

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