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  • Item Code: P9020101
  • Brand: Totaline
  • Unit Size: 1


Removes grease, exhaust and other sticky residue from condensers. Expanding foam action. Spray on, then rinse to remove heavy grease and other debris. Highly effective and easy to use. Non-acid formulation makes it safer to use than commonly used acid cleaners. Biodegradable. Authorized by the U.S.D.A. for use in federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants.


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    • Its cleaning action is accelerated if the capacitor is hot after use
    • Disconnect the power before working on the equipment
    • Protect the surroundings of the dew
    • Using a suitable low pressure sprayer, dilute the condenser cleaner with water according to the dilution rates
    • Always spray in the wind with a thick spray to avoid mist, spray between the fins using a horizontal motion working from the bottom-up
    • Wait 3 to 4 min until the foam begins to diminish and rinse thoroughly with large amounts of water
    • Rinse the sprayer thoroughly with water after use
    • A heavy duty, expanding foam, non-acid formulation ideal for cleaning heavily soiled or neglected outdoor condenser coils
    • It foams away stubborn deposits and is especially effective on greasy coils
    • It's premium potassium based formulation provides enhanced rinsability compared to the harder-to-rinse, full sodium based competing cleaners
    • The non-acid formulation also makes it safer to use than hydrofluoric acid cleaners
    • Dilute single part cleaner with 3 to 20 parts water to match required cleaning duty

Tech Specs

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Brand Totaline
Color Yellow
Composition <26% Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Silicate
Container Size 1 gal
Form Liquid
Odor/Scent Bland
Specific Gravity 1.26

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